The natural dealing with horses is trending nowadays. Parelli is more than groundwork and more than riding. It is a Training System which includes all aspects necessary to develop a successful relationship between human and horse. Indepent of your riding style or goals which you may have with your horse.

Courses offered

Private Lessons

There are situations in which it makes more sense to take lessons instead of clinics. Mostly in the case of a certain individual goal or when facing a specific challenge which requires more one on one interaction. In general I recommend private lessons after Level 2. The most efficient way to learn the skills of Level 2 is in clinics. It usually also makes more sense financially for the student and the progress is faster. Of course there are always exceptions in which private lessons prior to Level 2 absolutely make sense.

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Horse Development

„The start of a young horse isn’t something, it is everything.“ Developing young horses to be trusting partners for life, requires special attention. The horse should be the one setting the timelines, the rider the goal. For further information please contact me via e-mail.

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What can you expect? A feedback via e-mail. It will include the positive aspects as well as suggested changes, that will enable you to improve your horsemanship. You will get feedback within 3 days or less. The video should have a maximum length of 10 minutes.

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You find all my Clinics on the Parelli Instructor Site - follow the link below

marion oesch geschichteThe horse fever got me very early. I discovered my love for horses at the age of 4. When I was 12, I attended my first Parelli clinic and figured out pretty quick that, not only a life without horses was unthinkable, horses are my life. Ambitious, with several ups and downs, I completed the levels with the hope, to one day have the opportunity to study with Pat and Linda Parelli. In 2009 this moment came. Thanks to the great support of the swiss Instructors I arrived well prepared for my Externship. The planned three months turned into 4 years. The first two at Pat’s barn and the last two at Linda’s barn.
The time in America strengthened my passion for horses even more and I found the love for the sport again. Shortly after my return home from the States I started my project at the Horsedevelopment Center LEE in Bernhardzell. I am very blessed to have the opportunity to develop these young and talented athletes with the support of my trainer Luis Lucio.


In October 2009 I had the opportunity to participate in the Externship program in the USA, which at that time was still in the BETA (test phase). I was able to graduate this program as a 2* Instructor and returned home, where I studied with 5* Master Instructor und Master Horse Development Specialist Berni Zambail. He gave me the opportunity to assist him with the development of several young horses. After that I spent several months with 4* Senior Instructor and Senior Horse Development Specialist Walter Gegenschatz, to gain experience.


In June 2010 I returned back to the USA, for the next leg oft the Instructor Training, the so called Internship. After six months I was awarded my Level 4 and my 3* Instructor status before I had to return to Switzerland.


Prior to me leaving the USA, Pat personally invited me to return in 2011 to support the development of the English Sport Horse Program. That was an offer I couldn’t refuse. February 19, my horse Whisper and I flew back to the States together.


Linda Parelli’s Protege
Assistant and Stable Management
With Linda’s and Walter Zettl’s help I was able to compete successfully in 3 day events with my horse Whisper and the legendary Allure, as well as many Tour Stops all over the USA.
My wonderful Ridgeback, Zamira joined the family


My final event of my stay with Pat and Linda Parelli was the Dressage Summit in Wellington, FL. Congruent with my future goals, this was the very first event where trainers from all over the world joined Pat and Linda to take the first step to bring the two worlds, Sport and Natural Horsemanship together. Directly after this event Whisper, Zamira and I flew back to Europe where Equitana was right around the corner.


Just a few months after my start at LEE i was also asked to take over the head of horse development as well as the stable management. At this point we had 10 breeding stallions as well as 9 horses in training. With great joy I took on this challenge.
In the spring of this year Whisper and I got the jumping and dressage license.


My first Dressage Competition Season! With great excitment we were able to bring home several first places and placings

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Marion Oesch

was introduced to the Parelli Program as a young teenager. In 2010, she was one of the youngest Level 4 graduates in Europe. Linda and Pat recognized her talent and they invited her and her horse Whisper to come to the USA to learn directly from them. Marion spent 2010 until 2013 in USA. She spent an intensiv 2 years with Pat and 2 years with Linda. The 4 years were filled with experiences in Colt starting, stockmanship, young horse training, teaching, stable management, horse health, facility management, Linda’s assistant, sport horse development and many more.


is an Oldenburg gelding born in 2005. He is my heart and soul. The very best first horse you could wish for. He has been my companion all over the world, supported me and especially taught me a lot! Whisperli is known for his exhuberance and his naughty face.


or ZimZam as Linda Parelli calls her, is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. She came to the family during my stay in the USA. I grew up with dogs and it just is not the same without them. Whisper and Zamira are sharing the duty to keep me on my tip toes. She is the sunshine in the stable and everywhere else we go.